The company is based in Jacksonville, FL and focuses primarily on targeting the greater Jacksonville real estate market. The strong focus on solving each customers needs has been a proven advantage to the company’s success within the community. We take integrity very seriously which can be seen by the numerous happy testimonials on our websites.

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We Buy Houses in Jacksonville FL in any condition. If your house is brand new, or even if has been condemned by the city, we have a solution for you.  Don’t worry about being embarrassed about deferred maintenance.  We understand and can buy your house without you having to do any repairs at all!

Cash for Houses! Run Down or Pretty, In Good Shape or Trashy
-We know that selling a home or property can be very stressful, especially when you need to sell your house fast. We purchase homes and properties from people just like you.

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We Can Help You With ANY Situation. We have a specialized understanding of real estate in Jacksonville , and can find a selling solution best for you. We have helped sellers in all types of situations, and we can help you too!

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Why you should work with us

We have direct access to cash and do not have to wait for a bank’s approval. Often within 24 hours you can get a cash offer on your property and you are moving on with life! We buy houses for all cash, or can guarantee cash flow for your house.

It is typical for us to buy houses at 35% to 50% below retail market prices of comparable homes, but our creative financing programs allow us to pay full market value for properties that are in good condition. Certain homes are also kept long term for our portfolio.

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  • Depending on the location of a property, we may look to hold a property for monthly cash flow income or appreciation or sell the property quickly for profit. Some homes are short-term financed (6 months) during the fix-up period and then the lender in refinanced out (unless they are interested in longer term financing). Other homes are financed for 4-8 years depending on that specific deals needs.
  • Most of the homes we buy, we sell to other investors at a discount, we renovate and resell, or we sell with an owner financing program.
  • The company typically pays cash to sellers to attain bargain prices. To finance the acquisitions and remodeling of the properties. We will rely on a network of private lenders to fund the projects.

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