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The real estate market is definitely a pendulum.  And right now (2011), we’re in a market that’s a little slow. What does that mean to you as a seller of real estate? it means that it will take longer to sell your house in this market than it would in a “sellers” market.  Not only that, but the buyers are now asking for concessions (which means that you pay the closing costs for the buyer).  These concessions as long as playing the waiting game can be costly.  There are other ways to get your house sold quickly…even in a slow market.

We buy houses, even in slow markets, and can close quickly.  Most of the time within 30 days. Were able to do this by paying all cash for your house. There is no loan approval needed when you sell your house to us.  The process is very simple. We come take a look at your house, do the research on the activity in your area, and then make you an offer for all cash.  It’s that simple. There’s no home inspectors to ruin your deal and reveal the tiniest of things that could be a potential deal killer for the traditional buyer. There’s no appraiser to convince that the house is worth paying a certain price for. There’s no Realtor fees coming out of your proceeds check. It’s just a clean slate deal.   Most of the time we’ll even pay all of the closing costs! WOW

So what should you do if you want to get your house sold quickly without all of the hassle of traditional buyers, Realtors, Home Inspectors and Appraisers?  Just Fill Out the Simple Form To sell Your House Quickly and one of our local investors will contact you within 24 Hours to Make You an Offer. We’ll talk to you soon!!

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