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cash for houses Do we really pay cash for houses? That is a good question, my dear seller friends. And one that should be exposed right here and now. The answer is….not always.  What type of situation would make us unable to pay cash for your house?  Ahhhhh………..let’s get into some logistics of things and let you take a peek inside of our business.

First off, we are real estate investors. That is the single most important fact that you should know.  We buy and sell houses for a living.  Therefore, we need to be able to buy your house at a price where we can make money.  Now don’t leave the site just yet! It doesn’t mean that we have to “steal” your house. ( I use that term because alot of sellers call me and use the exact word). It does mean that we need to agree on a price that is fair for everyone.  And most of the time that means that we need to buy your house at a discount. You’re probably wondering “how much of a discount”? Right?  I understand. We have a formula that we use to buy houses, and it looks like this:

ARV (after repaired value) *.60% (minus) repairs.

PAy cash for houses










That probably sounds Greek to you. But that’s o.k. we can explain that to you when we come out to see the house and talk to you about buying it.  Does this mean that we’re always going to make that offer? No! Depending on the condition of the house, we may be able to pay you fair market value.  Yes! We can pay you nearly 100% of the value of the house, if your house qualifies. This gets into some more nitty gritty details, and some explanations of how we’re able to do this.  All you have to do is Request for Us to Come out and have a look at the house.  We’ll talk about your situation, and come up with a solution AND a price that works for you.

The most important part of our job is to help you find quick solution to getting your house sold quickly for cash. There’s never any obligation to talk to us, and we may just be what you need for instant relief!

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