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stop foreclosure jacksonville fl Are your thinking about selling your house because you’re behind on your payments?  Maybe you’re struggling to make the payments, and just don’t know what to do.  Let us help you!

There is an option for you, as a homeowner, to sell your house and avoid foreclosure.  It’s called a short sale.  As investors, we will make an all cash offer on your property, which will stop any pending foreclosures.

This is a viable solution for you if you have negative equity.  Lenders are begging in homeowners to cooperate and participate in a short sale transaction instead of letting the house go to the foreclosure sale.  There are even many lenders who are offering cash incentives for you to sell your house short.  That means that they will actually PAY YOU to sell the house.

These incentive programs won’t last forever. It’s the bank’s way of trying to get all of the defaulting or potential defaulting loans to come to the surface, so that we can destabilize our market conditions.

So if you have negative equity, are behind on your payments, or just want to see if you qualify for a cash incentive from your lender, then fill out of the form today!  There is no obligation to talk to us, and we can educate you on the options that you have.

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